Suomenlinna pair
Photo: Sakari Kiuru

How did the 18th century officers and their circles spend time on the fortress island, which today serves as a popular summer picnic location? How did Finland’s independence and the civil war impact Suomenlinna?
The Suomenlinna museum pair sheds light on the colourful past of the fortress which has also been known as Sveaborg and Viapori, going back to its construction in 1748. Among the former residents and influential people in the history of the fortress, the leading character is Commander Augustin Ehrensvärd, the designer of the fortress, whose former house is now a museum dedicated to the man and his career. The Suomenlinna Museum is located in an inventory room dating back to the 18th century.
Come and discover the many faces of the fortress: Sveaborg the fortress built at the command of the King of Sweden; Viapori, the garrison and its workers, and Suomenlinna, after Finland gained its independence!

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The Suomenlinna Museum
Suomenlinna Museum showcases the eventful history of the island fortress from the 18th century to the present day.

Ehrensvärd Museum
18th century atmosphere and history of the Viapori fortress in marshal Augustin Ehrensvärd’s residence.